Why we have a minimum order on our products

Published On: 5th September 2015

I often get calls and e-mails asking for a small number of cupcakes, sometimes for 10 or 12, but sometimes for as small a number as 4. I totally understand that if you are sending someone a little treat, or are having a friend over, you may not want to order masses of cake. Sadly these are the sort of orders that I end up having to pass on, and people rarely understand why. So let me explain.

As we do not have a shop, instead choosing to work from a commercial kitchen, we produce all of our treats to order, meaning that each and every item we make already has a customer that has agreed to purchase it. This means that there may be days when we can squeeze in an extra little order for a few cupcakes as we are already working full throttle. There may also be days when there is no-one in the kitchen as we are having a well-earned day off when we have no orders.

If you are ever in the market for a small number of treats, give us a call, and if we cannot squeeze your order in I will always be happy to suggest a store that has treats on their shelves that you could grab instead!